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1st Virtual CIIPM, 20-21 January 2021: Programme Update

With the 1st Virtual Cambridge Information & Intellectual Property Meeting (CIIPM) fast approaching, we can now announce further additions and enhancements to the programme.

  • On 20 January, Roya Ghafele, OxFirst will be joined by Mat Kilbey, Customer Services IP Manager at IP Pragmatics, for the panel discussion on IP Valuation for Management Purposes. We will also hear the latest product news from Bizint Smart Charts, providing solutions to help you present your IP analysis and competitive intelligence.

  • On 21 January Paul Peters, Director, Customer Success Specialists at CAS will present a product update on STNext, ‘Providing customers a broader IP searching experience'.

The full programme can be viewed on the CIIPM website, https://www.ciipm.co.uk/5th-ciipm-annual-meeting-2021. The meeting will take place over two afternoons, 14:00 until approximately 16:30 GMT on 20 and 21 January. We will try to make the meeting as interactive as possible with Q&As and panel discussions. Have your questions ready for our speakers and panellists!

Booking is via Eventbrite and costs £54 (£45 + VAT) to participate in the two-day meeting. All attendees will receive a meeting brochure (PDF) prior to the meeting and PDFs of the presentations after the event.

We are grateful to Gridlogics, BizInt Smart Charts and CAS for their sponsorship of this CIIPM virtual event.

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