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Cambridge Information and IP Meeting courses are going online!

Would you like to update your skills whilst in lock-down? 

Commercial Patent Search and Analysis is available as three one-hour online training sessions starting on Wednesday 27 May over three weeks.   https://www.ciipm.co.uk/1.-Commercial-Patent-Search-And-Analysis---online Each training session starts at 11:00 UK time. Patent search theory and analysis techniques will be presented online and practical search questions provided for you to complete offline.  The online sessions are as interactive as possible, with Q&A, and solutions to the practical sessions provided.

CIIPM are pleased to work with Gridlogics, who are continuing to sponsor the courses enabling attendees access to PatSeer https://patseer.com/ for patent search practical sessions.  

Interested in another online CIIPM course? Register your interest here: https://www.ciipm.co.uk/training-index and we will contact you with dates when the course is available.  

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