CIIPM's next virtual training course, 25-26 May 2021

CIIPM’s next virtual training course will be 'IP & Commercialisation, Part 2 – IP in the Ecosystem', on 25-26 May.

Previously, CIIPM’s coverage of this topic has been offered in one training course. Now that it is split into two parts, new material has been added to part 2, so even if you have previously attended an IP & Commercialisation course, you may still benefit from attending the upcoming part 2.

Building on the foundations laid in part 1, the course will focus on IP and external relationships, covering topics including confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements and contracts. We will discuss IP audits and valuation, mitigating infringement risk, enforcement, understanding the competitive environment, and finding markets. There will be Q&A opportunities to help to make the sessions as interactive as possible in the virtual setting.

The IP & Commercialisation, Part 2 – IP in the Ecosystem online course will take place over two 1.5 hour sessions starting at 2.00 p.m. BST on 25-26 May. Enrolment costs £190 + VAT for both part 2 sessions, including a course manual and a certificate of attendance. For more details please see the CIIPM website,

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