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STN Virtual Patent Forum - Friday, 30 October 2020

In conjunction with the 2020 PIUG Annual Conference, STN is running its first ever virtual STN Patent Forum. You can attend the STN Patent Forum whether you attend the PIUG Annual Conference or not. The STN Patent Forum starts at 1pm GMT.

The forum’s agenda is:

What’s New on STN?

Get the latest news on STN and development of various databases on the STNext platform.

Finding Freedom to Operate (FTO) on STNext

STNext provides the necessary features to perform a thorough FTO search including:

  • Comprehensive indexed worldwide patent family databases CAplusSM and Derwent World Patent Index® (DWPI) with searchable claims text

  • Easy Structure searching capabilities including Markush generic structures

  • Multiple full-text patent databases with searchable claims text and Numeric Property Search (NPS) capabilities

  • Legal status databases that provide easy confirmation of active status of granted patents including IFICLS, INPADOCDB, and INPAFAMDB

To register for the STN Patent Forum, please visit:



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